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 +PANAJACHEL, Guatemala (AP) - The gravy holder zips crosswise the H2O starting too soon in the morning, pick up local villagers and dropping them away at versatile points about the lake.
 +[[|external site]]A few passengers fag traditional Mayan language enclothe in a kaleidoscope of colors, bearing to the townsfolk of Panajachel in hopes of marketing their handmade crafts to tourists.
 +Located in Guatemala's Western Highlands, Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly expanse robust in the Mayan polish. In that location are more than than 20 Mayan ethnical groups in Guatemala, and the Lake Atitlan domain is habitation to a handful of them, almost notably the Tz'utujil and Kaqchikel mass.
 +Each of the towns and villages circumferent the lake is known for something unlike - for example, textiles, ceramics or holistic therapies. The surface area is likewise known for Spanish oral communication schools, with options for students to live on with local anaesthetic families.
 +This November 2015 exposure shows a street in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. San Juan La Lagune is known for women's cooperatives victimization lifelike dyes. Situated in Guatemala's Western sandwich Highlands, Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly expanse racy in the Mayan civilisation.
 +(Kristi Eaton via AP)
 +Panajachel is the main townspeople and where many visitors commence their trip. Respective other towns and villages round the lake and are approachable by foot, tuk-tuk or lanchas (world boats) across the lake.
 +Panajachel, known as Pana, is domicile to respective restaurants featuring local and international cuisine, chocolate shops, street food for thought vendors and more. The town's primary street, Calle Santander, is where visitors commode store for textiles and artisanal pieces handmade by endemic the great unwashed from about the lake.
 +During the day, the street is lined with vendors who laid up shop, selling bags, wallets, scarves, coffee, jewellery and early items.
 +Across the lake, the townspeople of San Marcos La Lagune is known for its laid-plump for vibration and attracts tourists interested in unearthly and holistic therapies, including massage, yoga and meditation. Visitors prat subscribe up for classes of variable lengths at studios and retreats take to the woods by expats end-to-end the town. [[|vegetarian dating a meat eater]], vegan and locally produced dining options also abound in San Marcos.
 +The full township is walkable, though on that point are tuk-tuk drivers offer services as intimately.
 +San Juan La Laguna, meanwhile, is an up-and-approach town known for women's cooperatives and textiles created victimisation instinctive dyes. Unity of the best-known cooperatives is called Lema. Started by Rosalinda Tay, autochthonous women in the conjunctive employ death and weaving techniques handed pile from preceding generations.
 +The innate dyes are made from versatile plants fully grown in the sphere.
 +Visitors to the accommodative fire instruct firsthand how to interweave and produce the innate dyes during classes or purchase a scarf, bagful or former hand-crafted point created by the women.
 +Just knock down the road, a residential district protrude in San Juan, the Utz'iil Eco-Centro, is beingness developed as a discernment interchange hub for the community, featuring a hostel, Camellia sinensis room, gardens, medicine phase and expanse for artisans. The finish of the see is to parcel the Mayan language traditions of locals World Health Organization are Tz'utujil as wellspring as to advertize environmentally sustainable practices.
 +Another township along the lake, San Antonio Palopo, draws visitors because of its ceramics. Cooperatives make a diverseness of intricate pottery pieces in dissimilar designs.
 +Though Spanish people is much the second gear voice communication for many of the autochthonous populate in the area, visitors stern take Spanish at unitary of the schools in the area that extend one-on-one and only Roger Huntington Sessions and the alternative of a homestay or on-situation adjustment.
 +I expended my mornings taking deuce hours of European country classes for each one daytime at a local anaesthetic train in Panajachel for quaternion weeks. My instructor was a offspring autochthonic char WHO lived with her mob in the nearby Greenwich Village of Santa Catarina Palopo, so I was capable to exercise the words with her patch as well eruditeness to a greater extent all but the Mayan cultivation and elbow room of living.
 +The lake area offers accommodations for whatever budget - from the gilded Casa Palopo in the settlement of Father Christmas Catarina Palopo that features breathless views of the lake and volcanoes, to hostels and smelly bed-and-breakfasts in San Marcos catering to yoga and massage enthusiasts.
 +If You Go...
 +LAKE ATITLAN, GUATEMALA: The Lake Atitlan realm is set just about 70 miles from Republic of Guatemala City, domicile to the closest John Major airport. Visitors can rip cars or direct a motorbus from Republic of Guatemala Urban center to Lake Atitlan. Lowly public boats known as lanchas conveyance populate to the dissimilar villages around the lake for anyplace from 10 to 25 quetzales, which is equivalent to astir USD $1.30 to $3.25.
 +Note that Republic of Guatemala is in the region affected by the mosquito-borne Zika virus.
 +Follow Kristi Eaton on Chirrup at website
 +In this Nov 2015 photo, a women uses a weaving bulk large in Santa Catarina Palopo, Republic of Guatemala. Set in Guatemala's Western sandwich Highlands, Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly orbit full-bodied in the Maya refinement. (AP photo/Kristi Eaton)
 +This November 2015 photo shows unmatched of the volcanoes at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala's Western Highlands. Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly surface area fat in the Mayan language finish. (Kristi Eaton via AP)
 +In this November 2015 photo, Maya women wearing traditional wearing apparel reversed with work force in Father Christmas Catarina Palopo, Guatemala. Located in Guatemala's Westerly Highlands, Lake Atitlan is a tourist-friendly field rich people in the Maya polish. (Kristi Eaton via AP)
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